“The Mass is ended” is an award winning photographic work about the new life of the deconsecrated churches in Italy. For five years, from 2008 to 2013, I travelled across the country looking for them. I explored every Italian region to find the most interesting and surprising reuses, searching the innovative architectural solutions as well as the most practical adaptations for people who just need a place to work. I photographed more than 70 churches. I chose to have the same point of view, the same perspective, the same square format. Just one photograph for each church to show the contrast between the different lives of these special places.

Winner of the 'Ponchielli Prize' 2010 and the Fotonoviembre 2015 'Authors in Selection'.

Church #6 | Wine shop

Church #5 | Car workshop

Church #7 | Artist's studio

Church #9 | Hand weaving workshop

Church #10 | Theatre

Church #3 | Multimedia library

Church #11 | Conference hall

Church #1 | Warehouse

Church #15 | Nightclub

Church #13 | Municipal council chamber

Church #16 | Sports club

Church #20 | Open-air bar

Church #21 | Register office

Church #22 | Bank

Church #24 | Concert hall

Church #14 | Library

Church #26 | Show room

Church #18 | Virtual museum

Church #2 | Pizzeria

The Mass is ended